A good operating system for a business removes as much friction as possible.

Let’s take a look at the typical journey.

How clear is your marketing?

Is there any friction in the messaging?

Is it really smooth, clear, and consistent?

We need systems and processes to make that happen.

How about the ability to inquire or purchase for your services?

Is it quick, easy, and slick?

In today’s fast-paced world if there is any friction in the buying process the consumer is most likely going to move on to something faster, easier, and more convenient.

As the journey continues, how does the onboarding feel?

Is it smooth and easy for the client?

Do they get handouts or videos so they remember everything you told them?

Which platform do they receive information on like scheduling updates, announcements, etc?

If there is any friction during this process it could leave the client confused and thus, a less than stellar initial first impression of your business, decreasing the likelihood that they’ll stick around.

What about the experience in general?

Does the session flow smoothly?

It starts from the moment they walk in the door.

Is it clear and clean as to where they put their belongings and where they check-in?

How is the design of the facility?

Friction in your facility design could mean clients walking around not knowing where things are, not optimizing the space you have, or not putting things in the proper spot as to maximize the traffic flow of the facility.

All of this needs to be documented and clearly outlined.

Your delivery system, your sessions, your programming?

Any friction?

What about the team?

Any friction on the team?

Is the on-boarding process clear?

Do they know what’s expected of them?

Do they know what the vision of the company is, what the goals are for this quarter, etc?

Spend time looking at how you can reduce friction here as this will strengthen the team, allow them to deliver a better experience, and give you more freedom.

Finally, what about friction in your own personal life?

How do you manage your time?

What’s your morning routine and self-care rituals?

Are you spending the time doing the things that are going to move you and business forward the most?

It’s all about removing friction.

When we hear the word “system” it can often mean multiple things.

I think of them as documentation of every single process in your business so that you can clearly communicate them to your team and to your clients, reduce friction and make things run smoother, and thus, allow you to grow more, live with a little less stress, and have some more freedom.

How can you reduce friction in your business?