Be A Bumblebee

I remember when I was a kid, I use to HATE bees. Like a little girl, I would kick and scream as I ran away from them. 

At my uncles house one afternoon, he decided to gather some of our cousins to take down the shed. Being a big kid, I was obviously nominated.

As you can imagine, things went GREAT!

We started knocking down the old shed and out came a swarm of bees. We all ran, and most of us had a few stings to make the memory last. 

You see, stories like that are what most people have in their mind when they think of bees. 

But in business and in life, you need to be a bee. 

Bees are awesome. 

Think about it...

What do they do all day long?

They hum along, pollinating, giving, giving, and giving some more. 

Did you know 1/3 of our fruits and vegetables are pollinated by bees?

165 out of the 168 hours in a week bees are givers. They give, they give, and they give. 

And guess what? They expect nothing in return. 

But every once in awhile they have to sting you. 

And you probably broke the rules and pissed them off. 

Be a bee.

Give. Give some more. Give some more. And most importantly, expect nothing in return. 

But when the time comes, you're going to have to sting. 

That could be putting your foot down in a relationship. 

That could be asking for a sale. 

That could be leaving a job that you're miserable at. 

The point is, most people see a bee as a stinger. But in reality, they give more in most days than most people give in their life. AND, they expect nothing in return. 

Give until you can't give any more. 

Give someone a helping hand. 

Call up a friend and chat with them.

Give away valuable content. 

Give someone your time. 

And expect nothing in return. 

But when the time comes, don't be afraid to sting. 

Here is one of my favorite quotes from Winston Churchill. 

How are you going to give more?

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling