Focus on Rocks.


Don't worry about the little sand and pebbles. 

What do I mean by that?

Let's imagine...

You're off to the beach with the your friends and family, and you decide to play a game. 

Who can fill up a rubbermaid container first?

What's going to be quicker:

1. Piling a bunch of sand grains and pebbles in it. 

2. Heading to the rocks and picking 3-5 big ones that take up 99% of the space.

In life, in business, and in health, it's important to focus on 3-5 rocks each day.

In life, we tend to get caught up in the sand and pebbles. We're worried about having the perfect logo for our new company. We're worried about picking the right mutual fund. We're worried about wearing the right clothes to the gym. Those are sand and pebble items, and at the end of the day, don't produce RESULTS.

Rocks focus on RESULTS. Rocks produce ACTION. 

How much sand does it take to fill that container? Quite a bit. That's a lot of little things to focus on, a lot of things to be distracted by, and often just causes analysis paralysis. 

Rocks get you laser focused. 

At the end of each week, I sit down and outline the following week. I am "old school" and prefer to do this with pen and paper. I have a notebook I always carry with me, and each page is a week in my life. I write down the 7 days of the week, and begin to pick 3-5 rocks for each day. 

My goal is one rock for my business, one rock for my personal health, and one rock for my family.

Here's what today looks like. 


  • Publish new blog post. 
  • Check in with staff. 
  • Golf with Matt. 
  • Call dad. 

Sure, I'll get other things done. However, I'll get those three things done first. If those three get done, anything else is a bonus, but I get laser focused on those three things, and make sure they get done. 

Take some time on a Sunday, and set your 3-5 rocks for each day of the week. Review them the night before, and wake up with a visual of those being achieved. 

You'll be amazed at how far ahead of the game you get while just focusing on the big rocks. 

Let me know if I can help. 

Dedicated to Your Success,

Doug Spurling